2021 Fall Saturday GATE Academy

2021 Fall Saturday GATE Academy

     Saturdays and science are a good combination for 30 MVSD students participating in the District’s Fall Saturday Gifted And Talented Education (GATE) Academy.  The seven-week Saturday academy is provided by the World Space Foundation and engages students in reading, scientific literature, journaling and discussion with an interdisciplinary approach connecting to the Next Generation Science Standards.

      Held at the Mountain View Family Center, the academy includes two courses that provide college level learning. Looking at Science through the Lens of Photography includes hands-on chemistry and physics, applied to the observation of the world through traditional and digital photography.  Course topics include how a camera works, how lenses work, optics, developing film, making cyanotypes, nature photography, photojournalism, sky photos, cell phone photos and creative photography.  The Eco Voices: Speaking Up for Nature course provides a look at the regional consequences of global climate change, especially the impacts on our watershed ecosystems as affected by drought and wildfires and also includes outdoor gardening projects.  Topics addressed in this course include ecosystems, watersheds, conserving water, eco resilience, bio diversity, climate change, water resources, aquifers, dealing with eco grief and anthropogenic change.

       The team of educators from the World Space Foundation including Dr. Richard Shope, Geoff Hartmann, Jamie Moore and Deb Woolford are passionate about developing scientific and literary creativity in students, and providing the opportunity for them to explore, discover, understand and develop a passion for lifelong learning.

       The seven-week academy concludes on November 13 with a showcase of student projects and a student led colloquium.


  • Magnolia Learning Center