Maintenance Custodial Warehouse Support Schools

Maintenance Custodial Warehouse Support Schools

     MVSD’s maintenance, custodial and warehouse teams have worked tirelessly to ensure school campuses were ready and safe to fully reopen for the 2021-2022 school year.  The dedicated team members continue to complete various projects, as well as enhanced cleaning procedures to safeguard students and staff throughout the District.   

      “The amount of work completed by our maintenance, custodial and warehouse staff is monumental,” said Darin De Knikker, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services.  “They have put in long hours to get the work done and their dedication to our students is evident as they continue to put students first day in and day out.”  

     During the summer months, the maintenance team was busy modifying classrooms and creating space on campuses due to the reconfiguration of schools.

     “Along with the classroom modifications, over 20,000 sq. ft. of laminate flooring was installed, 2,500 sq. ft. of wood siding was replaced, 164 new LED light fixtures were installed, and 5,000 sq. ft. of carpet was laid, just to name a few of the tasks that were completed by our team,” said Jeff Truschel, Director of Maintenance and Operations.

     Additionally, the maintenance team helped create outdoor learning and eating areas at all sites, including shade tents and tables to facilitate outdoor activities which are encouraged due to the pandemic. The grounds crews continue to enhance landscape areas with new plant material, maintain grass fields and trim trees throughout the District.  

     Over the summer the custodial team was instrumental in moving items for teachers and staff who were relocated to new schools, moving the belongings of over 100 staff members to their new sites.  

     While custodians have always kept school buildings and campuses clean, the pandemic has demanded increased attention to cleanliness, and they are essential to keeping schools safe.  

     Over the past 18 months the District warehouse has been extremely busy with the influx of safety supplies due to the pandemic.  The warehouse team continues to go over and above to ensure the schools have what they need as they accept deliveries, organize inventory, prep items for distribution and make deliveries throughout the District. 

      “Our maintenance, custodial and warehouse teams have been exceptional in supporting the needs of our schools during this pandemic,” said Dr. Lillian Maldonado French, Superintendent.  “The amount of work they’ve completed is immense and their efforts and dedication are truly appreciated.”

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