MVSD’s 18th Annual Chess Competition

MVSD’s 18th Annual Chess Competition

    The Mountain View School District continues to provide engaging and enriching opportunities for students outside of the classroom to enhance their educational experience.  Recently, students from Baker, Maxson, Madrid, Parkview, Voorhis, and Twin Lakes schools competed in the annual MVSD Chess Competition, showing their competency in the mental game of strategy, tactics and analysis.

     The tournament was divided into three levels based on years of experience playing the game. The competition was intense as the students calculated their moves, strategized and maneuvered their pieces with the ultimate goal of checkmating their opponents’ King. 

     Several MVSD schools have Chess Clubs which meet regularly providing students the opportunity to learn the game and perfect their skills.  An excellent educational tool, the game of chess engages players in strategic thinking as they weigh their options and make decisions on their next moves. Just like in school, while playing a game of chess, concentration and memory are key.  Playing chess also enhances critical thinking skills as players calculate their plan of attack or defense on the board.  Additionally, playing chess teaches persistence, patience and builds self-confidence which are all great characteristics for life.

         As the battles on the chess boards unfolded and the students moved their bishops, knights, pawns, queens and kings, their sense of pride in their play was evident.

       “These young chess players make us very proud,” said Dr. Jeff Lagozzino, Director of Student Learning Support. “Their skills, enthusiasm and good sportsmanship are commendable and we appreciate the efforts of our school site chess coaches and competition coordinators for providing such a great event for students.”             

  • Magnolia Learning Center