Fiscal Services

Desiree Reyes
Senior Director of Fiscal Services
Phone: (626) 652-4057
Fax:       (626) 602-3809

The Fiscal Services department provides for the accounting of finances, student attendance, payroll, health benefits, and associated student body funds of the school district, as well as the purchasing of equipment and supplies for all of the schools and departments.  Our mission is to provide excellent customer service to those we serve while upholding the highest standards of performance and accountability to support student academic achievement.

Mission and Goals
The Mission of the Fiscal Services Department of the Mountain View School District is to support our students in attaining the highest levels of academic excellence through outstanding stewardship of district resources and responsive support for all district priorities and personnel.

We achieve this mission through:
  1. Diligent attention to Federal and State law including the California Ed Code, IRS Guidelines, GAAP Fiscal Standards, and District Internal Control Procedures;
  2. Consistent and intentional professional development to enhance our skills, engage in best practices, and remain current in all relevant regulations;
  3. Outstanding customer service that is responsive, respectful and timely;
  4. Prudent stewardship that places the students and community we serve at the heart of all we do;
  5. Supportive teamwork that embodies the best each of us has to offer, utilizing cooperative strategies to enhance our end products;
  6. Strong problem-solving skills that embody creative thinking within the bounds of financial regulation and best practices;
  7. Financial accountability that considers every dollar spent as if it were our own;
  8. Consistent attention to district priorities in all spending.
We are dedicated to cultivating a family-oriented environment that encourages professional and personal growth, supporting each other through challenges as they arise.

It is our pleasure to support the Mission and Vision of the Mountain View School District in all we do.


Leticia Alfaro, Secretary II
(626) 652-4056

Joy Ramirez, Principal Accountant
(626) 652-4088

Vanessa Tran, Budget Analyst, Categorical
(626) 652-4067

Almarose Barragan, Budget Analyst, Children Center/Head Start
(626) 652-4063

Geri Payne, Account Clerk IV, Employee Benefits
(626) 652-4066

Lani Kelder, Account Clerk II
(626) 652-4059

Rosie Hamilton, Account Clerk I
(626) 652-4064

Vacant, Account Clerk IV
(626) 652-4060
Patty Gonzalez, Account Clerk IV
(626) 652-4061
Evelyn Castaneda, Account Clerk III
(626) 652-4062
Luz Zavalza, Buyer 
(626) 652-4058
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