Math Field Day Adds Up to Achievement and Fun

Math Field Day Adds Up to Achievement and Fun

     Spending a Saturday morning engaged in math problems might not sound fun to some people, but for 120 MVSD students the morning hours added up to a great time as they took part in the District’s Math Field Day.  Math scholars from MVSD’s 12 schools came together as fourth, fifth and seventh grade teams representing their schools to compete in the areas of problem solving, conceptual understanding, concepts and procedural skills and mathematical collaboration. 

    The event kicked off with a keynote address from Adrienne Williams, a chemist, college professor and fitness competitor who encouraged the students to continue to work hard and excel in mathematics.  During the event student teams took part in three rotations putting their math skills on display, using logic and strategic thinking to solve problems. 

     According to Rod Cano and Tizoc Tirado, MVSD’s Math Field Day Coordinators, Math Field Day presents a special and unique opportunity for students, teachers, and members of the community at large to come together in a "celebration" of the creative outlet that is math.

     “Across our District, these type of events are important due to the conceptual shifts in math brought about by our Common Core State Standards in math,” said Cano.  “It is also an opportunity for our students to engage in healthy competition in key mathematical areas that may sometimes be overlooked.”

     After completing the three rounds of competition the students enjoyed engaging in a variety of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) activities while the judges tallied the scores.  Family members packed the Madrid cafeteria for the awards presentation as the students were celebrated and the winning teams announced. 

     The teams taking top honors in each category included:

Problem Solving 
4th Grade

Parkview  1st place
Twin Lakes  2nd place
Voorhis  3rd place
5th Grade
Maxson  1st place
Baker  2nd place
Twin Lakes 3rd place
7th Grade
Kranz Team one 1st place
Monte Vista team one 2nd place
Kranz Team two 3rd place. 

Conceptual Understanding
 4th Grade
 Parkview 1st place
Baker  2nd place
Cogswell 3rd place
5th Grade
Maxson 1st place
Parkview  2nd place
Miramonte  3rd place
7th Grade
Madrid  Team two 1st place
Kranz  Team one 2nd place
Kranz Team two 3rd place

Computational and Procedural Skills 
4th Grade
Monte Vista 1st place
Voorhis 2nd place
La Primaria 3rd place
5th Grade
La Primaria 1st place
Payne  2nd place
Twin Lakes 3rd place
7th Grade
Monte Vista Team one 1st place 
*tied for 2nd Place:
Madrid Team two 
Kranz  Team one  

The Best Overall Trophies went to:
Parkview School’s 4th grade team
Maxson School’s 5th grade team
Kranz Intermediate School’s 7th grade Team one. 

     “This year’s Math Field Day went very well,” said Tirado.  “It takes a team of dedicated and professional individuals to pull off the event and we had the best team we could have possibly asked for. We were glad to see such a large and enthusiastic turnout of parents and students and were warmed to have School Board Members, our Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, Ray Andry, and Superintendent, Lillian Maldonado French, in attendance. We hope to grow Math Field Day district wide and eventually send teams to the county level event,” she added. 

     MVSD is proud of all the amazing Math Field Day scholars as well as their school site coaches and appreciates the tremendous effort and dedication of the Math Field Day Committee.

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