Voorhis Warms the Holidays for Those in Need

Voorhis Warms the Holidays for Those in Need

     Voorhis Elementary School students, staff and families demonstrated the true spirit of the season, giving back to the community by donating 72 warm blankets to the Emergency Resources Association (ERA).

      This is Voorhis’ 6th annual donation of blankets.  The school-wide effort was led by Voorhis’ Partnership Action Team (PAT) who reached out to the students, staff and community for donations of recyclables.  Since the beginning of the school year student council members have been gathering the collected recyclables from classrooms each Friday, and with the money raised by recycling the PAT team was able to purchase 72 warm, cozy blankets.  

     “It’s good that we help others,” said Adrian, a 5th grader.  “Everyone deserves to have things like we do.”

      “If feels really good knowing we are helping others,” said 5th grader, Felipe.  “Recycling is a great way to raise money to help people and I’m glad we do it here at Voorhis.”

     Each blanket was wrapped in hand-made Christmas paper created by the students and will surly bring a smile and warm heart to those who receive them.  Lillian Rey, ERA coordinator was extremely grateful to the Voorhis community for the wonderful outpouring of kindness and generosity which will benefit so many.

     “This is such a blessing!  These blankets will help so much and bring comfort to many people.  People who are homeless also include children and families who live in their cars or in motel rooms and they will love having a warm blanket.  You are making a difference to someone’s life and you are having the best Christmas ever because you are giving,” said Rey. 

     The students excitedly loaded the blankets into the car to be taken to the ERA facility.  The entire Voorhis team is overjoyed to express their gratitude and fondness to the community they serve by giving back during the holidays.

      Voorhis principal, Larry Elwell was very proud of the Voorhis team for their efforts.

     “This is wonderful on both sides.  It fills a need in the community and it teaches the students the importance of giving back,” he said.  “It’s a great extra lesson beyond the classroom.”

     Voorhis’ recycling efforts also enable the school to donate Baskets of Love each spring to those in need which are filled with toothbrushes, soap, shampoo and other personal hygiene items.  

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