Unity Day Celebrated at MVSD Schools

Unity Day Celebrated at MVSD Schools
Posted on 10/24/2023

Students Pledge to Make Bullying Extinct During Unity Day Celebrations


     It was a sea of orange throughout the Mountain View School District on October 18 as schools and the preschool program celebrated National Unity Day, showing their support for kindness, inclusion and acceptance, and taking a stand against bullying. 

     Schools held activities to reinforce bullying prevention and promote a respectful and kind learning environment.  Coordinated by the school counselors, Unity Day activities centered around themes such as Make Bullying Extinct, Color our School with Kindness, Stomp Out Bullying, and Be a Buddy Not a Bully.

  At Maxson School, students “Colored Maxson with Kindness” during lunch recesses by making friendship bracelets, writing positive affirmations on a handprint cut-out and placing them on kindness banners throughout the playground, dancing and peace building. The Maxson Falcons showed they are dedicated to spreading kindness every day!

     “Our school counseling department is very excited to provide these activities for our students to color Maxson with kindness,” said Sharon Durall, Maxson’s School Counselor.  “Our school is a place for kindness, friends and hugs and our Unity Day activities are all geared toward that, as well as positive affirmations and peace building.”

     After making her friendship bracelet and placing her palm cut out on the banner, 2nd grader, Katherine was looking forward to dancing with her friends to celebrate kindness. 

     “Kindness is very important,” said Katherine.  “All of us need to spread kindness not just today but every day!”

     Tyler, a sixth grader appreciates the focus on kindness during Unity Day and the strategies provided on the peace walk that support conflict resolution.

     “It’s important to learn to solve problems in a calm and peaceful way,” he said.  “The peace walk shows ways to do that and helps to stop people from being rude to others.”

    The Twin Lakes campus had some prehistoric visitors with staff dressed as dinosaurs as the Comets celebrated Unity Day with the theme of Extinct Bullying!   Students took part in several fun activities geared toward kindness, acceptance and inclusion and signed a banner pledging to make bullying extinct.  Additional activities included art, affirmation bracelets, photos with the dinos and students pledging to speak up with kindness, reach out with acceptance and be a friend through inclusion.    

     MVSD’s eight schools and preschool program embed character building on campus each day through programs like Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS), social-emotional learning, and special events, 

     “In Mountain View we are committed to supporting a community of safety and belonging,”  said George Schonborn, Director of Pupil Personnel Services.  “Kindness and bullying prevention are a focus in our schools daily, and students are encouraged to model kindness, inclusion and acceptance every day. Unity Day highlights the dedicated efforts of staff to promote kindness and ensure our campuses are places where our students feel safe, accepted and included.


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