MVSD Distributes Devices to Students

MVSD Distributes Devices to Students
     To support students during this time of physical school closures and with the switch from in school instruction to distance learning, MVSD is distributing iPads and Chromebooks to students.  In mid-April, the District completed Phase I of its device distribution, passing out 2,646 devices among all 12 schools based on a technology needs survey completed by parents/guardians. Phase II
of the device distribution concluded last week and the District plans to continue distribution until all students’ technology needs are met.
    “Our District technology team and school site Technology Technicians have worked extremely hard on this project and getting devices into the homes of our students,” said Lillian Maldonado French. “The devices will help our students with access to online resources and the use of programs
like Zoom, Google Classroom, Seesaw and others. Our distance learning program also provides technology-free learning with printed at-home learning packets.”
     The device distribution held at the school sites ensured safety mandates and provided a welcome opportunity for staff to talk with parents while safely maintaining the social distancing protocol. Several parents expressed their appreciation to the teachers and staff for reaching out to the students and helping them feel connected, and to the District for providing at home learning packets. Several
positive comments from parents regarding the devices and distance learning were overheard during the distribution days.
     “I am thankful to our teachers for reaching out to the students and I believe that having access to programs and their teachers will help them with at their home learning,” said a parent from La Primaria School.
     As everyone worldwide does their best to cope with the educational and personal impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, MVSD is committed to rising to the challenge and doing everything possible to provide students with a distance learning program and important connections to their schools,
teachers and classmates.
    “We miss our students terribly and we are deeply saddened that they are not able to complete the
school year on campus with their teachers, support staff members, administrators and friends, but we
are committed to supporting them to continue their learning and to reduce the impact of school closures on their educational, social and emotional progress,” said Maldonado French.
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