Journalism Program Explores the Power of Music

Journalism Program Explores the Power of Music

     The Mountain View School District recently celebrated 74 student journalists from eight MVSD schools for their achievements in the District’s After School Journalism Program.  Over the course of the ten week program, the students were engaged in reading, speaking, listening, writing and learning about the field of journalism and the skills it takes to be a journalist.  

     As reporters for the Cogswell Cubs Chronicle, the Payne Highlights, the Parkview Eagle News, the Maxson Falcon News, the La Primaria Cub News, the Monte Vista Eagle News, the Voorhis Mustang News and the Twin Lakes Comet Chronicle, the young journalists learned many things including proper interviewing techniques, how to write a catchy lead and hook, how to communicate their views through informative and creative writing, and how to construct an article.       

       The theme for this session was “The Power of Music” and students had the opportunity to learn, share, and understand the significant role music plays in society as they interviewed musicians and attended research field trips where they learned about the influence of music.  The students traveled to the Grammy Museum at LA Live and the Music Center in downtown Los Angeles which is home to multiple venues including the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, the Ahmanson Theatre, and the Walt Disney Concert Hall.  While exploring these venues, the journalists were impressed with the unique architecture and the many artistic features on the interior and exterior of the buildings.  Along with learning about each venue’s history and features, the students had a great time taking the stage to play instruments, experimenting with sound equipment and discovering a wealth of information about legendary musicians.  They were also treated to a live musical performance.

      “It was really fun going to the Grammy Museum and learning about famous musicians who’ve passed away like Michael Jackson,” said the journalists from Voorhis School. “He was a major influence on all kinds of music.”

      Aliza Rivera from the Parkview Eagle News also enjoyed the field trips and the chance to write articles.

     “The Grammy Museum was awesome and because of the journalism program I’ve really improved my writing, which is great,” she said.

       Helping to express the power of music, the celebration included a performance by Madrid Middle School 6th grader, Sandy Ramirez who shared her vocal talents by singing a song.  She conveyed that music helps her to relax and stay calm.

     The After School Journalism Program continues to provide MVSD’s English Language Learners with effective intervention emphasizing the development of academic language skills.  The District has been providing the successful program and developing exceptional student journalists for seven years.   

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