Foothill Credit Union Surprises Miramonte Students with Backpacks

Foothill Credit Union Surprises Miramonte Students with Backpacks

     Twenty-five students from Miramonte School got a pleasant surprise, as Foothill Credit Union delivered free backpacks full of school supplies for the young scholars. 

       Andrew Gomez and Melissa Alcantar from the Credit Union’s Business Development Department were happy to deliver the backpacks to the excited students and encouraged them to do their best in school. 

      “On behalf of Foothill Credit Union we are so happy to be here and give you a special gift,” said Gomez.  “At Foothill Credit Union it is our mission to give back to the community and help young students like you succeed.  We hope these backpacks and the supplies in them will support your learning and help you achieve in school.”

       Students were thrilled to receive their backpack and thanked the representatives for their kindness.

     “Thank you so much for this nice backpack,” said Jared.  “I will use it to help me stay organized and succeed with my homework.”

      Included in the backpack were colored pencils, markers, paper, dividers and a pencil box. 

    “You are awesome students and we know your futures are bright so keep working hard, do your homework, listen to your teachers and continue your education into college,” said Alcantar. 

        MVSD is grateful for the partnership with Foothill Credit Union, an organization committed to giving back to the community and supporting students, schools, and educators to succeed. 

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