Community Schools Planning Includes Student Voices

Community Schools Planning Includes Student Voices
Posted on 01/31/2024
      As part of a State Community Schools Planning Grant awarded to the Mountain View School District last school year, the Community Schools Advisory teams from the District’s eight schools are currently hard at work completing the application for the Implementation Grant. The Community Schools grant is geared toward building on successful efforts to accelerate student learning through an integrated approach focused on academics, health and social services, and family and community engagement. The Community School strategy is based on four pillars: Collaborative Leadership, Active Family and Community Engagement, Integrated Students Supports, and Expanded Learning Opportunities which are aligned with MVSD’s goals, actions and services.
      The most recent Community School Advisory Board Meeting, held in mid-January, brought each school’s advisory team made up of a parent, classified staff member, certificated staff member, and the principal together to collaborate around the Community Schools Framework. Adding vital input at this meeting were members of the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council who provided their school site team with valuable insight from the students’ perspective which will support the planning process. The student representatives shared their analysis of the strengths and challenges at their schools, as well as ideas they have for improvement.
      According to Lillie Ruvalcaba, MVSD Teacher on Special Assignment and member of Maxson School’s team, student input is critical to the grant writing process as their unique assets and needs are at the heart of it all.
      “It was such a pleasure to have the opportunity to collaborate with student representatives from Maxson School during the Community Schools grant writing process,” said Ruvalcaba. “Both Edgar and Anthony spoke very eloquently when expressing the students' perspectives on the school's strengths, opportunities for growth, and areas of concern. They are an excellent representation of community leadership and advocacy. The insight that these two gentlemen provided us with will help the writing team shape Maxson's vision of what our community school will ultimately become.”
      It was an impressive showing by all of the student representatives who contributed greatly to their school site teams.
      “I’m very proud of our students for engaging with their school site teams and providing key information to help write the implementation grant application,” said Dr. Raymond Andry, Superintendent. “Their input is vital as we plan and implement programs in our schools. Our students and their needs are at the forefront of our work as we strive to inspire each student in Mountain View to succeed every day.”
      MVSD’s community partners look forward to continuing the collaborative practices and shared leadership in completing the application process and submitting the Community School Implementation Grants to support all members of the community.
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