Measure SS Payne Construction Videos

This summer, Payne School was the site of MVSD’s first Measure SS Bond project, a wide-ranging underground utilities project incorporating extensive underground infrastructure improvements.  The construction project included:

•    installation of new water lines

•    installation of new electrical lines

•    installation of new gas lines

•    construction of a new state mandated catch basin in the field for water runoff 

Following a tight, two-month turnaround over the summer, the video footage attached provides an aerial view of the tremendous amount of work that took place throughout the entire campus. 

While crews continue to work diligently to complete the work, we appreciate the understanding and flexibility of Payne’s staff and families.  Although the final construction work may still cause some difficulties, we are very excited for the changes that were made to enhance the infrastructure at Payne to improve safety, boost efficiency and bring the 70+ year-old campus up to 21st century standards.

To those who did not see the massive construction taking place this summer and for many of the students and families Payne School welcomed back on August 21, it will look like nothing transpired on the campus because the extensive work was all done underground, out of sight.  But, be assured the infrastructure work that was completed through the Measure SS Bond will ensure Payne’s students, staff and families have a campus that is safe and compliant with 21st century standards.  

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