Mentor Teacher – An Initial Teacher’s Best Friend

New Teacher Guide - Mentor Teacher – An Initial Teacher’s Best Friend

Reflective thinking turns experience into insight. — John Maxwell

The Mountain View School District provides a mentor teacher for those initial educators that are eligible for the New Teacher Induction program through Los Angeles County Office of Education. However you may request a mentor teacher’s assistance if needed.

Ideally, your mentor will be assigned and introduced to you before the school year begins. Your mentor is your information resource, advisor, and support system. Your mentor is NOT an evaluator. All conversations with your mentor are considered confidential. If for any reason you are not comfortable with your mentor you have the right to request a different mentor.

Working with Your Mentor
  • Schedule a regular time to meet without distractions.
  • Work with your mentor to develop your classroom management plan. He or she should be able to affirm or give advice on ways to enhance your plan.
  • Ask your mentor to read your lesson plans and provide feedback.
  • Ask to observe other teachers from whom you can gain ideas and strategies for instruction and classroom management. Your mentor can help arrange these observations.
  • Be open to what your mentor has to say. You are not obligated to follow the advice but do not hesitate to ask for help. It is NOT a sign of weakness.
  • Observe your mentor and have him or her observe you. Ask him or her to focus on one or two techniques or issues on which you want advice.
  • Keep a journal or log with dates and topics discussed with your mentor. This will be a great tool to assess your growth.
  • Ask your mentor to assist you in developing your Professional Development Plan for license renewal.
  • Your mentor will guide you through the New Teacher Induction process using the tools that Los Angeles County Office of Education requires.
  • Let your mentor know that you appreciate his or her assistance.

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