Be Prepared… for Your First Evaluation

New Teacher Guide - Be Prepared… for Your First Evaluation

An important part of working under a new contract is to be mindful of the evaluation process.

The Mountain View School District provides to their certificated personnel a copy of the Evaluation Procedure Handbook. The Handbook contains:

  • Certificated Evaluation Procedure
  • Article XII – Evaluation Procedures
  • Goals and Objectives Form
  • Classroom Observation Form
  • Teacher Performance Evaluation Form
  • California Standards Rubric
  • California Standards Objectives
  • 5-year Evaluation Agreement

The Classroom Teacher Evaluation form contains the areas to be evaluated by the designated evaluator. Previewing this form prior to begin evaluated will prepare you for the observation.

A more Thorough explanation of the Evaluation Procedure can be found in the Mountain View Teachers’ Associated Agreement, Article XII, pages 24-26.

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