Energy Conservation Projects

This is a large fully-funded Southern California Edison project designed to replace all 22,000 T-12 light bulbs with more efficient T-8s. In addition to consuming 20% less energy than the T-12 bulbs, T-8s also produce more light and last twice as long. MVSD is also fortunately receiving electronic ballasts to replace the current magnetic ones. Electronic ballasts can hold multiple bulbs and use less energy to power those bulbs. They work best with T8 bulbs for maximum energy saving. Part of their effectiveness is due to being better able to convert incoming electricity to the proper amount needed to power the bulbs leading to less wasted energy. 

Visit to learn more about CA Proposition 39 K-12 Program, which made this project possible.

Promoting Environmental Awareness in Kids (PEAK)
PEAK is a comprehensive standards-based educational program designed to empower elementary and middle school students with the knowledge to manage energy use in their homes, schools and communities. Through hands-on learning, students are inspired to pursue green careers and motivate themselves and others to take action to create a more sustainable world. Students not only get an excellent education but also an opportunity to earn money for their school through a home energy survey and practicing conservation efforts at home. For more information, click here.
Programmable Thermostats
All district HVAC thermostats are being replaced with programmable models. This will drastically cut down on HVAC costs by carefully monitoring usage and providing necessary levels of comfort without the system running unnecessarily.
Other Projects
  • Roof Top Units (RTUs): Fan Speed Adjustment
  • Water Survey
  • Power Management
  • The Great Savings Race
  • Demand Response Program
  • Energy Star
  • Holiday/Break Shut downs
  • Site Audits
  • Magnolia Learning Center